Dedar at Paris Déco Off

The 2016 Collection is a tribute to materials, yarns and the spirit of weaving. Discover the spaces presented at Paris on Dedar.com


Zoom – Kinnasand colection 2016

The ZOOM collection by Creative Director Isa Glink reveals the hidden beauty of materials and takes a fresh look at the aesthetics of high-end living. Take a close perspective, and, while zooming in, discover intricate details and three-dimensional surfaces. More


Daily inspiration from Kinnasand

Daily inspiration from Kinnasand: am.com/kinnasand/ . They produce textiles with a Nordic feel for contemporary homes. 


Dedar – New Hermès furnishing fabric and wallpaper collection

An imaginary world of luxuriant vegetation dotted with colourful birds and animals; geometric motifs, perspectives, iconic patterns; graceful heavy silk twills, precious damasks, jacquards, prints, wallpapers.
You can discover the new Hermès furnishing fabric and wallpaper collection on homefabrics.hermes.com.


Dedar – New Autumn 2015 Collection

Sheers in soft and impalpable pure virgin wool; washable, fire-retardant extra width fabrics; soft textures and interwoven patterns. Sartorial inspirations, metallic effects.
Discover the new Autumn 2015 Collection on dedar.com


Dedar NEW collection 2015

In the 2015 collection, different moods and sources of inspiration co-exist and contaminate each other: craftsmanship, comfort, irregularity, tailoring, timelessness, soft metal, tribal motifs, depth of colour and material. More


FACES – the new Kinnasand collection

The new FACES collection is a family of colourful, emotive characters. Made from high quality materials, each of the 27 curtains is unique with a strong, clear expression. Like faces, they shape mood and the perception of identity. A fusion of modern and nomadic, the new carpets in the FACES collection push the boundaries of carpet design. More


The Dedar collection for Autumn 2014

VOILES AND LIGHT TEXTURES:   Panama, jersey effects, delicate transparencies, mesh fabrics, soft wool satins, reversible satins, shaded stripes: The Dedar collection for Autumn 2014 presents linen, wool, fire- retardant fabrics, extra widths  in gold, silver, natural shades and mélange effects.


Moire, velvet and satin in the heart of Rome

Sophisticated atmospheres of great impact combined with the warm and cosy sensations of a private residence inside the J.K. Place Hotel in Rome.  In the rooms, as in the library, café and the other spaces provided for the guests’ relaxation, architect  Michele Bönan has melded design elements, antiques and artworks with the colours and textures of Dedar fabrics. More



The new wall coverings, made from jacquard fabrics to recall the artisanal effects of woven raffia, are easy to hang, hardwearing, fire retardant and water-repellent. Geometrical patterns, plains, irregular streaks and handcrafted moiré finishes are interpreted in the warm colour palettes of straw and tobacco, fired by intense hues or illuminated by metallic effects. More

Nova kolekcija dekorativnih tapet Dedar